About Us

Himalayan Institute of Fire & Emergency Services, HIFES, a global conceptual version of Nepalese entrepreneurs, is a multi-dimensional centre for the fire, emergency services and aviation training services with world class trainers and professionals around the globe. We believe in the quality methodologies and training approaches to meet the international demand of human resources around the globe.


To make the HIFES, the one and only centre of excellence for the related training subjects on the South Asia. Enhance emergency response, disaster preparedness and public safety in Nepal and the region.

HIFES vision is to improve safety in Nepal and South Asia by:

  • Training firefighters to international standards
  • Help drive adaptation of fire code through information, education and advocating legislation
  • Educate the public in fire safety practices
  • Create a center of excellence in Nepal


To create a sound environment among the governmental, non-governmental and public for the safety and rescue systems for the people of Nepal and hence to meet the demand of the world fire, rescue and aviation management industries.

The mission of HIFES is to enhance emergency services, disaster response and public safety and aviation management by providing training and certification courses from internationally recognized institutes or centers.